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Elito V. Circa is a well known Folk Painter of Pantabangan, Writer and Script Writer of Alamat ni Minggan, Computer 3D Animator, Internet and Website Designer, Chapter Founder, previously Chairman and presently Board Adviser of Samahang Makasining(Artist Club), Inc. and he is also a Chairman in Visual Arts of Association of Nueva Ecija Artist Group and Alumni of CLSU.

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Elito "amangpintor" Circa (born 28 January 1970) is a Filipino folk painter. Circa was born in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija in the Philippines. Internationally recognized folk artist, known for his indigenous human hair and blood medium for paintings. He is noted as the "First Hair and Blood Painter" of his generation and known for his signature subject of Legend of Minggan. A father of Contemporary Indigenous Philippine Art and also popularized Hand Painting performances done within five (5) to ten (10) minutes in a canvas of 432 square inches using the three (3) primary colors

Circa`s began painting at the age of ten; his hometown was submerged when he was growing up to give way to the construction of a dam. After this the family was relocated to higher ground, where every summer he could see the belfry of the 18th century church resurface from the dam`s low water level.

His artistic inclinations were encouraged by his father, a carpenter who bought him his first painting materials. At the age of eight, he won a children`s contest sponsored by DZRH radio for his depiction of Simatar and Tagani, widely popular fantasy folk heroes whose adventures were serialized on air at that time.

Circa`s paintings, mostly depict legends and memories of his old hometown and province and include his signature series on Minggan, the mythical giant who tried to stop the river in Pantabangan from flowing and another series on the evacuation of the townspeople during the construction of the dam. He habitually paints using his own hair and uses his blood as a signature at the right side of the paintings. His work has been exhibited much locally.

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