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Amangpintor’s journey to the world of arts began at the very tender age. It was in 1978 when he got his first award by winning in a Children’s Art Competition sponsored by DZRH radio station using Zimatar and Tigani as a subject, then widely popular fantasy folk heroes being aired on air as an adventure series.

From then on, Amangpintor keep himself on track on his art venture. Poverty didn’t even managed to stop him to pursue his career. He joined CLSU-Artist Club while studying. It was in 1992 that he was recognized by the Central Luzon State University through the College of Arts and Sciences as the first ever Student Artist, and being given a special Cultural Award upon his graduation in 1993.

His tireless venture in art makes him a chapter founder of the Artist Club in different universities in the Philippines. He co-founded the Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. and served as Board Chairman in National Level for seven years. He is also a tourism Adviser of Pantabangan local Government Unit and the Visual Arts Chairman of Association of Nueva Ecija Artist group project of Provincial Governor's Office. He recently founded Makasining Pinas (a subsidiary group of the Samakang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc) in the different Municipalities and Provinces in the Philippines.

In 2001, during his reign as a chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Samahang Makasining(Artist Club), Inc., he compiled and popularized all probably never-heard-before traditional games or as he calls it Indigenous Games (Laro ng Lahi in Filipino).

It was then in 2007 when Amangpintor awarded and recognized by his home town as Pantabangan Folk Painter[citation needed]. And in 2008, he started to do actual hand/finger painting performances with music or band accompaniment, and he called it PintaOke or PintAwit (Filipino term).

Having his unique style in painting, Amangpintor was recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) as first Filipino hair and blood painter in 2009 and was featured on NBN TV4 national TV channel with episode called Sining Gising.

With all his achievements and endless efforts Amangpintor received Art and Culture "Gintong Butil" award from CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. in 2010 during the celebration of annual alumni homecoming.


Amangpintor influenced many other Filipino painters for using indigenous materials or natural raw materials as paint such as extract from onion, tomato, tuba, coffee, rust, molasses and other materials available anywhere. Human blood as medium has also influenced the American artist Vincent Castiglia .The finger and hand painting performance also influenced other young visual artists especially students. The Filipino identity can be preserved through the use of indigenous materials and native way of arts.


Amangpintor's paintings of 1978–1993 reflected his interest in indigenous materials. He conducted intense studies on the effects of strands of hair as texture, human blood preservation and the technical means that painters used to represent these effects. Amangpintor's group of artists movement want to protect the environment against global warming by continuously supporting the advocacy of using indigenous materials for painting and introduce it to other pupils/ students to address the issue of lack of materials for painting due to financial problem.

The term Indigenouism was coined by Elito Circa who led the movement of using indigenous materials for paintings and introduced it to other artists since 1993. By the Indigenouism movement, most of the local artists in the town and province adopted prominent and primary agricultural products as medium for their paintings. The Indigenouism movement also advise other town to use local product as one of their town's identities.

His most significant contributions to the history of art were in collaboration with Indigenouism in 2007, and the role he played in the development of Indigenouism. Therefore, the term was derived from Indigenous Materials which are naturally and locally found in a specific place or area used by the native or indigenous people.

  • 2010 National Telecommunications Commission, Region III Pampanga - License in Radio Communication
  • 1997 National Computer Center, Quezon City, Nueva Ecija -Certificate in Computer Technician
  • 1996 Development Academy of the Philippines - Structured System Analysis and Design
  • 1993 Central Luzon State University - Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • 1988 NMYC, Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija - Certificate in Radio Mechanics

    Selected Awards and Citations

  • 2016 Muniipality of Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija - Natatanging Anak ng Pantabangan (Visual Art Category)
  • 2010 National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) - Recognized as Philippine Folk Artist
  • 2010 CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. - Arts and Culture Award
  • 2003 Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines - Recognized Pantabangan Folk Painter
  • 2008 Department of Science and Technology (DOST) - Best Paper Corn Imaging Computer System Invention
  • 2008 Bureau of Agricultural Research - Best Paper Corn Imaging Computer System
  • 2008 DepEd Division of Nueva Ecija - Best Film Editor
  • 1993 Central Luzon State University - Cultural Award
  • 1992 CAS, Central Luzon State University - Tribute to the Fist University Student Artist
  • 1985 National Electrification Administration - Ecology and Power First Place Region III
  • 1979 DZRH Radio - First Place, Simatar and Tagani Drawing Contest

    Selected Art Exhibitions

  • 2016 Farmers Hotel, Cabanatuan City "Last Polio Victim"
  • 2016 SM City Cabanatuan - Solo Exhibit "Care and Faith"
  • 2016 The Marriott Hotel, Newport City Complex, Pasay City - World Vision Event
  • 2010 Singapore - ArtSingapore
  • 2015 Rice Hotel, San Jose City
  • 2010 Conspiracy Garden, Quezon City
  • 2010 Shangri La, Ortigas, Manila
  • 2010 SM City Rosales, Pangasinan
  • 2010 SM City Tarlac. Tarlac City

    Selected Hand Painting Show

  • 2016 AFP 7ID Fort Magsaysay, Palayan, Nueva Ecija
  • 2016 Clark Pampanga - Rotary Club Event
  • 2015 Global City, Ortigas, Manila - World Vision Event
  • 2014 Trinoma, Quezon City, Manila - World Vision Event
  • 2009 University of Southern Mindanao, Kabakan, South Cotabato

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