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The Last Polio Victim
(by Elika Circa  10/7/2016)

“Like many other infectious diseases, polio victims tend to be some of the most vulnerable members of the population” (Crosta 2015). “This includes the very young, pregnant women, and those with immune systems that are substantially weakened by other medical conditions” (ibid.). Polio is a viral infection that can lead to muscle weakness and paralysis, breathing problems and even death (ibid.). With this, for some reasons, we may know why skin is first layer of defense. Viruses find its way to creep in your skin; to travel the long route just to leave intestinal tract and enter the bloodstream. They attack nerves and govern the muscles in the limbs and those that are necessary for breathing (Green 2014). Viruses steal every oxygen your lungs were supposed to pump in; they are the pirates sailing in your body - yearning your every piece of existence; panted to rule your lungs when to exhale, leaving you all mitigated.

When viruses enter, they travel to lurk every wish you made every night. They unravel every hope and plant mountains of despair blooming out of anguish and distress. They flow along the course of gravity, all the way down to your legs. The day after, your legs will feel numb, turning your own limbs against you. There are certain reasons why skin is the first layer of defense and this is to keep viruses from entering your body; from keeping them to own you. Your skin is an expensive suit; too extravagant for them to even dare to touch. They are just virus which will damage you if you let them. So don’t, yet the moment they inhabit places somewhere in you; when you feel like a ship but they constructed an ocean just to bring you down, remember that when you drown, you need other arms to pull you up.

There are different kinds of saving in this world; saving of lives, dreams, or hope. You know you’re in good hands when someone save these all for you.

This has been the kind of saving the Rotary International primarily does. They have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. For as little as $0.60, a child can be protected against this crippling disease for life. They made it possible for a hero to never need any super power. A true hero has a human heart as strong as steel, and it’s not about flying but the ability to feel. Viruses are villains. Some are disguised to be bacteria; some wore dresses and tattoos. Some viruses talks; some runs. But at the end of the day, viruses may consume your system but not your faith. Remember that everybody has a little “I want to save someone” and it’s okay if that’s “someone is you”; it’s okay if that someone could be anyone you never know by name. After all, everyone could be a different version of their own super hero. Everyone could be a Gift to the World.

“ I believe in 1 body, 2 souls and 1 spirit [Body+(Logic & Memory)+Heart]; Spirit is a divine gift of God supported by body and souls. Spirit has an infinite life, constant like particles in the universe. Spirit has special power given by God and that`s Love and Faith.” - by #Amangpintor

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